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Ten years at the Institute

A decade. It’s a blink in the eye of history, yet a lifetime of experiences packed into ten remarkable years. Today, I’m filled with immense pride and gratitude as I celebrate a milestone – 10 years of serving as a graphic designer and marketing manager at the Saint Paul VI Institute!

My journey with the Institute began in 2013, drawn by its unwavering commitment to interfaith dialogue and understanding. Here, I found not just a workplace, but a community where creativity meets compassion, and where every project holds the potential to bridge divides and build bridges of hope.

Through the years, I’ve had the privilege of:

  • Bringing the Institute’s mission to life through visual storytelling: From vibrant event posters to impactful website designs, my graphics have aimed to capture the essence of the Institute’s work and inspire audiences.
  • Crafting compelling narratives that spark dialogue: Press releases, newsletters, and social media posts – every word has been carefully chosen to amplify the Institute’s message and engage diverse communities.
  • Collaborating with a passionate team: From theologians to fellow creatives, I’ve learned and grown alongside some of the most inspiring individuals, forging friendships that transcend the walls of the office.

But beyond the projects and accolades, what truly makes these ten years special is the impact we’ve witnessed together. Seeing hearts and minds open to new perspectives, witnessing communities come together for common good – these are the true rewards that fuel our collective passion.

As I step into the next chapter, I do so with a heart brimming with gratitude for the opportunities, the learnings, and the friendships forged at the Saint Paul VI Institute. Here’s to ten years of design and drive, and to many more years of working together to build a world where understanding and empathy pave the way for a brighter future.

Thank you, Saint Paul VI Institute, for a decade of inspiration!