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The Fake Science of Roe v. Wade

My latest project has just wrapped up — a new book on the history of Roe v. Wade by Institute director Thomas W. Hilgers, MD. From the inside cover:

Since the Supreme Court’s infamous decision in 1973, our schools and healthcare institutions have abandoned the Hippocratic Oath and the Declaration of Geneva and replaced it with a policy of lethalism. This is a direct result of the Court’s acceptance and promotion of archaic scientific reasoning (Roe v. Wade) that, at best, would be considered pre-medieval and clearly out of touch with scientific reality. Fallout includes the expansion into fetal experimentation, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, infanticide, and even physician-assisted suicide programs. The respect for life ethic has slowly been removed as the Supreme Court has so strongly supported the “lethalism becomes a way of life” ethic. Especially interesting is the lack of support for any positive solutions to these issues. 

“The Fake and Deceptive Science Behind Roe v. Wade” is the groundbreaking new book by Saint Paul VI Institute founder and director Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers.